Other Resources

America Hist & Life Tutorial SD 480p
Description: This video discusses the use and operation of the database, America: History & Life.
Source: Brad Agnew

October 28, 2020 Mapping Tahlequah History Workshop
Description: This is a recording of our workshop on October 28, 2020 that introduced the updates on the Mapping Tahlequah History website and project.
Source: Farina King and John McIntosh

Virtual Mapping Tahlequah History Workshop April 22, 2021
Description: This is a virtual workshop of Mapping Tahlequah History recorded on April 22, 2021 about how to add and edit sites on the interactive website. Dr. Farina King and Dr. John McIntosh also share updates about the project and the recent NEH grant to develop it at Northeastern State University.
Source: Farina King

Jennie Ross Cobb
Description: A video on Cherokee photographer and historian Jennie Ross Cobb. The video includes parts of interviews with Cliff Biggers (Jennie Ross Cobb's grandson); Shirley Pettengill (former director of the Hunter's Home in Park Hill); and Karen Shade-Lanier (Cultural Project Interpretative of Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism).
Source: Farina King, prepared with support from the Museum of Native American History (MONAH) and the Mapping Tahlequah History project at Northeastern State University.